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Recruitment Form
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8th Jul 2019

Thanks for considering to join our clan....
We will contact you once your application has been viewed and voted on. Answer each question to the best of your abilities and contact an admin if you're having difficulties.

Please copy and paste complete form with answers in another thread below.

1. No mic spamming
2. No racial comments
3. No excessive profanity
4. Conduct yourself professionally in any BG3 Server
5. Wear the *LCG* tag in any related BG3 Server/event

Personal info :-

Your real name : (First name only) :
Your age :
Your occupation or current status :
Your location :

Gaming history/info :-

Your in-game name : 

Games that you play most :

How long have you been playing multiplayer games? :

Have you ever been part of a clan (if so, name them here.) :

Why did you leave your previous clan? :

How many hours do you play Battlegrounds 3 a week? :

Why do you want to be part of this clan? :

Do you have a mic? (if not, are you able to obtain one?) :

Are you willing to visit our forum at least once a week? :

If you were accepted as a member, what do you feel you can bring to this clan? :

Do you agree to follow all the rules presented by the clan? :

If you see another LCG Clan member breaking rule(s) what would you do? :

What is your STEAM ID#
**Launch Battlegrounds 3, at the title screen hit ~ and the console will appear, simply type in "Status" and a UID will appear next to your name. That is your Steam ID.**

Copy and paste this form below in a new thread! (Quick Reply)
Thanks for applying!
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Forum » Forums » Recruitment Application
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