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6th Oct 2019 · Last

BG3 5v5 league
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4th Aug 2019

Hello, I see you guys active on BG3 and trying to build a community, which is desperately needed at this point in the game. A lot of BG1/2 players are tired of pubbing and we can't really see ourselves playing this game long term without a league, so I decided to muster support and get teams involved. I'm wondering if you would like to be involved in a 5v5 league.

Signups are closing in a week, if you guys are interested and don't have the numbers I can possibly push it back another week. Sorry for getting to you guys last minute. I talked to Death about it a couple weeks back, and he said he would think about it around September; I didn't realize you guys were already getting a clan up and running so soon. You can find me under "Danihel" in the BG3 main discord, or you can add me in steam under [420th] Danihel

Whether you decide to participate in the league or not, I wish you the best of luck recruiting and building a thriving community.
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5th Aug 2019

Yea I am seeing bg3 kinda slowing down but if the rest want to do it, I'm down but we need more then 5 on our roster for guys that cant make. Right now we don't have the numbers or the interest but lets see who post on this thread.

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5th Aug 2019

I'd be in, but I too think the number of committed members would be the deciding factor.
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